September 27, 2008

PotD Archive, Thursday, 08/30/2001

For those of you that connected right away, here is an archive look at Photo of the day, Pat

Today was spent trying to get caught up on paperwork. I found out today that one of the classes that I had scheduled was cancelled. So I have to postpone my training until mid November. Holly was pretty happy about that and I am OK with it too.

I needed to share one more of the colorful boys of Valley View Elementary. I think that they have street signs on their heads from one of Ian's tracks. It's really too bad that they didn't have that color hair spray when we were kids. (Comment from 2008, it's Ian and 2 friends and they had spray painted their hair to these unnatural colors and were holding these toy stop signs on their heads. This is probably one of the oldest PotD archives.)

Have a great day,

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Holly said...

Now THERE is a flashback moment!