September 23, 2008

Photo of the day, Tuesday, 9/23/08

Another hard day at work...blah blah blah. That's where this was going until I was riding home from BSF, that's a bible study that Holly encouraged me to join. As I have mentioned, I have connected with one guy and we car pool. It was his night to drive and I am the passenger. As the passenger, you have more time to look around and at night you notice all the lights that are on in the car. He has an older van and a headliner information deal that displayed "C 67" We chatted awhile and it was nagging at me..."C 67", hmm, what could it mean? Well, obviously, 67 was the outside temperature, it was a nice night out, but C, hmm. I couldn't stand it anymore and I asked what the "C" stood for. He said that it was his compass and it was goofed up. Not another word, 2 miles down the road Mike makes an unexpected turn and pulls into a deserted church parking lot. I am thinking, "What's going on here? Why are we pulling off the road home, he must know a short cut." Once we are in the driveway to the church he drives in a circle and now I am freaking out, I'm thinking, "Does Holly know where I am? Do I have enough insurance? Can I take this guy?" I finally speak up and ask what he's doing and he points to the compass and says, "There, I fixed it!" And sure enough, the display now read "NE 67". I just started laughing, after all what could I say.

Here's one from this summer at Camp Gerber, the boy scout camp. It's Ian and me we're just coming back from repelling down the climbing tower. Yes, I know, I need some new photos. You readers could submit a favorite or two, with some description and and we'd all learn about each other. Just a thought.
Have a great day!


Holly said...

Oooo! You are on your way baby!!

PizzaMaster said...
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