October 16, 2008

Photo of the day, Thursday, 10/16/08

That long, painful meeting was this morning. It went longer than I had anticipated, but it was pretty successful, or at least, that's what I thought at the time. We're still waiting to see a PO. After that I tried to decompress by working on a few of the other projects that we have going . Kind of crazy to decompress via slightly less stressful work, but it seems to work for me.

Today was conferences for Spencer and so Holly and I met at Middle School. Hmm, that sounds kind of funny, we actually met well after high school, but that's another story. Anyway, remember that post that had a photo of Spencer's Rosie's Diner project? Oh rats, I just remember that was Holly's post, she had scooped me that day, of course I went through every post that I have made in order to come to that realization, we'll here's a link to it so you can remember how awesome it turned out. Rosie's Diner We saw the final product today, in one of the display cases at school. Oh, sure there were some other structures in the same display case, but not of the same caliber. Just my unbiased opinion. Anyway, all his teachers love him, of course and have Spencer stories of their own. There was no earth shattering conference, just the usual, and he's doing well so we can relax, at least for a day or two.

Yesterday's shot was one that got some comments coming back our way. Remember to share your thoughts with the world, it's easy, get to the actual blog website and go to the bottom and click on the Post a comment link.

I am going to Outdoor Leadership Training for Boy Scouts this weekend so my post will be silent. I will try to come back with some good stories and I may even take the camera. See you Sunday/Monday, depends on my tiredness and the family.

Here's another photo from our little guitar shoot last night. I am not really sure what this pose was for, other than to prove publicly that I will pose for my son after all these years of posing him. Maybe it was to show that our necks are thicker than guitar necks and therefore we know that Dad (that would be me) is not a pencil neck geek. Just a thought.

Have a great day,

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Holly said...

My three boys. I LOVE this picture!