October 12, 2008

Photo of the day, Sunday

Pretty quiet day here today. We went to church and then out to lunch and home for a nap. Did one thing in the garage and then started just goofing off. Very non productive, very revitalizing.

Interesting thing about lunch, we went to Bennigans. The parent company failed and the stores owned by the parent company have all been closed. (For details check out Wikipedia) But not any in Michigan. Not yet anyway. Since everyone knows that the parent company failed, people are just not eating at the one on Alpine Ave. So it looks abandoned, which just fuels the fires of confusion. Anyway, we stopped in because it's always been one of our favorite hangout and the service now is excellent, because they have plenty of staff. Good food is still there too. The uniform of the day was kind of cool, it's a T-shirt that says; "Corporate went bankrupt and all I got was this stupid T-shirt".

Here's a shot of Tanner, Shaun and Ian, three additional marksmen that proved themselves this shooting day. Shaun shoots left and there were no left hand guns, but he did great and even took down a clay bird or two at the shotgun area. Tanner said he liked the rifles the best. Ian didn't do the shotguns, he knew the kick was more than he wanted to deal with, but he shot two rounds of a black powder gun and about 6 rounds on a SKS, not really sure what it was but the ammo was really large and when he hit the milk jug filled with water, it blew up really cool.

Have a great day,


Holly said...

Isn't it every kids goal to cause a milk jug to explode?! :)

Chris said...

The SKS was the predecessor of the AK47. It was widely exported by the Soviet Union. It's a fairly popular weapon in the U.S.