October 15, 2008

Photo of the day, Wednesday, 10/15/08

As I am settling in to my fall routine I am struck by how life seems to be busier and busier as I get older. I used to attribute it to time speeding up as I aged, but now I'm not so sure. For example work is like this; I have a large project going with one customer and the tooling order is getting close to being placed, so close that I hope we can get it taken care of tomorrow. Anyway, we've been going crazy trying to get everything in place. Additionally we have several other customers that are demanding our attention, all with the potential of tooling and more sales. Yes, even in these crazy economic times, we are frantically busy. Add to that the 3 Bible studies that I'm involved in and Boy Scouts and Children's Ministry and the time needed to prepare for that. (by the way, we're still selling Boy Scout popcorn here) Oh, yeah, I have yet another Boy Scout camping trip this weekend. (I'm pretty sure that I've now camped more this year than I have up to this point in my life.) This time it's just adults, all trying to learn Outdoor Leadership skill to help our boys. (all I can think is that it's going to be cold and wet)

So, where am I going with this? It's pretty simple, Live Life Out Loud and try to keep up! Easy to say, not so easy to do. I always get wrapped around the axle at work. You know, get involved with way more than I should and then my home life starts to fall apart. I am pretty sure that that's not God's plan for me. He has plans to prosper me, not to grind me into the ground. So every once in a while, I take a break. Fall back and ask, what's most important for the future of the world? Usually, it's not work. Of course, with teens, I'm not so sure I can pass anything more than a cold on to the youth of this country.
Now, as for a break here's what worked tonight, here we are taking a break from the stress of life and we're playing guitar hero. I'd like to point out that I actually beat Ian today on guitar hero, of course he was playing on expert and I was playing at..., well,... well, I was not playing on expert. Anyway, Spencer, me and Ian are posed and ready to go crazy for our fans. Well, actually, it's fan. Only Holly was cheering us on, but she's the best fan a guitar hero could hope for. Rock On!

Have a great day!


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