November 28, 2008

Photo of the day, Friday

Happy Black Friday! We you one of those that was out really early, after the deal? Holly and Maureen have done the early out the door thing in the past. Or were you one of those that takes it a bit easier? That’s more like Tom, me and the boys. We were all calm this morning, we slept in, by my way of looking at it, and had a nice breakfast all together.

Yesterday was a great day with David and Judy meeting all of us at Tom and Maureen’s for a feast. It was a true feast this year, probably as a result of running out of leftovers too quickly last year we overcompensated. It was one of the best meals I can recall as an adult being a part of. All of us had a hand in preparing, eating and cleaning up. Here’s my annual shot of the table and the guests. Starting at the head, we have Tom, Holly, Ian, Maureen, David, Judy and Spencer. As usual, the thankful rolls entertained us and helped keep the conversations going.

Today Tom, the boys and I went on our annual quest for a Christmas tree. We scaled back the size, for a couple of reasons, the primary one was that the farm that we like the best a funny situation, some trees in the small size zone and some in the super large, community room size zone, but the middle zone, 7 to 9 foot tall, not much at all. We’ve been doing this on the Friday after Thanksgiving for probably 9 years. This is the first year that the boys were able to carry the tree out while Tom and I strolled back to the barn and here is the photographic evidence of that. It was a red letter day to be sure! As we stolled back, Tom, in a mock sobbing voice, remarked that it was tough to watch them grow up. We roared in laughter at his wit, then I thought about the

Have a great day!

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JohnFS said...

OK, REAL FUNNY! A blog cliff hanger! And I suppose you are gonna make us wait all weekend to find out what you though about.


Have a great weekend.