November 24, 2008

Photo of the day, Monday

It was a nice day, on the drive in to work. At lunch it was a slippery as you can imagine. It's days like this that make me happy that I only drive 2 miles to work and reach a top speed of 30 or so. Even so, I got a bit sideways at my first corner. Holly used 4 wheel drive while out on errands, of course the Kia isn't the heaviest vehicle on the road. In the afternoon Holly got directions on the location of the shovels so that the boys would be able to get the driveway cleared before I got home. You know, some days it's alright to have a teen and a pre-teen

At scouts tonight we worked on rank advancements and some merit badges. It's pretty interesting how I can work with kids, that aren't my own, and have them listen to me right away. It was fun going through the stuff because no matter what the topic, one of the boys knew more than me and wanted to share that knowledge.

We picked up the rest of the popcorn orders tonight so we can deliver at will now. Molly, we'll see you at Christmas, unless you want it sooner. Jean, I dropped yours off this morning when I picked up my shirts. Maureen, we'll bring them to Thanksgiving. Bob, we're holding it for Smithmas. Everyone else is already taken care of, especially those that donated to the military. To all that supported our troop, Ian, Spencer and I are very thankful, because Mom wasn't going to let us buy 2 quota's worth, that's for sure!

Have you ever had a photo that made you smile when ever you saw it? Well that's what's up with this one of Holly. I see this and I have to smile.

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