November 29, 2008

Photo of the day, Saturday

Ah, that satisfaction that comes from getting home after being out and about for a few days. It's almost a guilty pleasure. I mean, I love being with my Sister and Brother-In-Law, and the chance to visit with Dave and Judy, awesome. But that sense of calm that comes over you when you get back to your own house with your own bed and your own stuff, well, as they say on the commercial, Priceless. Now the reason that I considered this a guilty pleasure was that I was sure that I would offend my sister if she knew how happy I was to see my own house number after visiting her, but, as I have aged, I have been blessed with a wee bit of wisdom. Now I see that she's probably just as happy to see us off and to have her home back again.

Anyway, here we are on the way home. Not bad for setting the camera on the dash for a tripod.

Yesterday I left a bit of a cliffhanger for you all. To recap, Tom and I were falling all over ourselves with glee at the boys hauling out their first tree. And then I was going to waft philosophical and bemoan losing my boys to teenagers, but I, for whatever reason, opted to quit right in the middle of the sentence. Who knows, I might have been called away to an important meeting, after all, pecan pie was on the menu. In other words, I think it was nothing.

I am the subject for tonight's photo. Friday night, as we have a bit of a tradition of doing, we went to the 1776 restaurant for the "beer dinner". This year the beer was from the Rogue Brewery, from Oregon. Their lead beer is one called "Dead Guy Ale", it's a beer I've had before and enjoyed and was pleasantly surprised to hear was the focus. On the way out Holly asked if I wanted a t-shirt. She was bold enough to ask the owner if one was available for purchase, I was too shy. The owner came back with a t-shirt and this hat and as he handed it to me he wished us a Merry Christmas. Very cool! Ian is so jealous of my hat and t-shirt, but I told him that he needs to be of legal drinking age to wear it. The hat is a black one that has stitched into it, "DEAD GUY" in glow in the dark letters, very cool!

Have a great day!

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Reen said...

You are indeed wise. We were saying the same thing actually - we love to see you come and we feel peaceful to have you gone and we both strongly suspected you felt the same. We are either all becoming wise.....OR.....we just know each other really, really well!!

Love you all AND our traditions!!! Reen & Tom