November 25, 2008

Photo of the day, Thursday

We are getting ready for our traditional Thanksgiving journey to Maureen and Tom's house. I hate the drive, but love the time. The boys won't even begin to consider letting us drop any traditions, not yet and especially not if it involves giving up pie, cinnamon rolls or thankful rolls.

What are "thankful rolls"?

Thankful rolls are a great invention that I think we picked up from a Parent's or Family Fun magazine 10 years ago. We use Pillsbury crescent rolls, a pencil and cheap paper. We tear up enough note size pieces of paper for one to go in each dinner roll. Divvy up the papers equally among the diners. Each diner then fills out each note with a thing that they are thankful for, the diner must not use the same thought each time. Fold up the notes really small and roll them into the center of the crescent rolls. Bake rolls per instructions found on the container. At dinner, as each roll is opened the opener tries to guess the original author. It's fun and my boys have learned from this that it's not things, but people that matter. Sandy, by the way, thanks for the e-card, we cherish our family and friends.

Here's one of my mom from last Thanksgiving. She was an awesome woman.

I may post, I may not, while we are at Maureen and Tom's, who knows? Not me, that's for sure.

From the West Michigan side of the family, we'd like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.

Have a great day,

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