November 8, 2008

Photo of the Day, Saturday

Man, what a crazy day yesterday. I was jammed up at work, flying around, trying to get a few steps forward on as many projects as possible. We tossed in a Veteran's Day Celebration at work. Pretty cool, we partner with the Grand Rapid Vet's Home and so it's always a nice event. To all my family and friends that has served this awesome country, I tip my fedora! Most especially to those still serving, John stateside and Taylor offshore. Be safe guys, you are both my heroes!

To add to the stress, we were going camping with the scouts and thus I needed to get out of the office early, especially early since Spencer was at a middle school party and thus the transportation got even more confusing, but no matter, we would get to where we were supposed to, they'd wait, after all, I had the chili for the adults dinner.

Set up the tents in the dark, very interesting. Great dinner, after dinner we all went to our tents early since it was starting to rain.

Interesting points:

None of the Young's brought a jacket

Spencer's patrol was dubbed the sloths, because their meals were pretty low effort, hot dogs, boxed pancakes, BLT's. Oh, wait, someone got into the bacon in the morning and so it was LT. Spencer didn't care for tomatoes, so he had a lettuce sandwich. I was having hot soup and a sandwich, but while I felt bad for him, I hoped that he'd learn to plan better.

Ian's patrol never set up a regular kitchen, they just bounced from group to group "borrowing" utensils, pots, dishes, you name it.

It kept raining/sleeting/snowing off and on until well after we left.

It was awesome.

Holly and Ian headed out to a concert tonight and Spence and I stayed behind, promising to hang together. So what did we do? Turned on VH1 and watched I Love the 80's Follow the link at your own risk, I only verified that there was a page. Anyway, here's one of my pal and one of me rockin out to one tune or another. It was fun and for those that want to know, number 5 is Prince's When Dove's Cry. number 4 is Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, number 3 is Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf, number 2 Def Lepard's Pour Some Sugar on Me and number 1 is Bon Jovi's Livin on a Prayer. Rock on!

Have a great day!

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