November 5, 2008

PotD Archive, Wednesday, 11/6/02

Too tired to write, so I thought I dip in the the archives. This was from my first week with Byrne. Kind of interesting. I was already working a lot with Steelcase. Hmm.

Anyway, here's what I was thinking 6 years ago. By the way, that's not my office anymore.
Steelcase was in again this morning and we finished up the marathon part review/sign off. Nice to have them out of my hair again so that I can get back to figuring out what it is that we do and how we make money. It’s starting to make some sense, not a lot, but some. This afternoon I did some problem solving with the owner and his son. The guy is very smart and his son is pretty good too, just not as innovative. It was a great way to learn more about the product, how the boss works and how the people on the floor react to him.

Ian asked for a photo of the new office so I figured that I’d have it do double duty and send it out to you guys today. If you remember the last office, this one is about the same size, the thing is, there are 3 workstations in this office and it’s not nearly as fancy as the last one, but it’s comfortable. Holly asked if I missed the really great office that I had at Nabco and after a bit of thought, the answer was easy. The office was easy to give up, it was the people that made it so hard to leave. I don’t miss the office or the view because in just a few minutes I can be home for lunch or at the boys’ school for an event.

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