November 4, 2008

Photo of the day, Tuesday, 11/4/08

Happy Voting day! I hope that you got out to vote. It's a pretty awesome responsibility that we have.

That said, I have really gotten tired of the ads, posters, bill boards and worst of all, the "personal" phone calls. They called again tonight while we were at dinner. We knew it was a pre-recorded political call by the caller id. Ian jumped up to take the call, we were going to let it go to voice mail. He answered and he starts hamming it up for his audience, us.

It goes like this, Ian is using an Eastern Indian dialect, straight from the movie, "Help", by The Beatles. Yes, they were watching that this afternoon since he was caught up with his homework.


No, I am NOT!

No, I am NOT!

I will get my mother.

It turns out it was a live caller and she was cracking up with the crazy dialect and the fact that she could hear us laughing in the background. Ian comes stumbling back to the table giving us a blow by blow of the actual questions that were asked. She asked if he was Holly. She asked if he was Pat. She asked if she was in fact connected with the Young's. Pictured is our voice humorist.

Have a great day!


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