December 1, 2008

Photo of the day, Monday

Why is it that when you get used to technology someone, somewhere decides it's time to obsolete or "improve" it? It drives me nuts. I have begun to wonder if it's just because I'm over 50 and so technology is like so much junk once I come in contact with it. My iGoogle home page recently went wacky, then I lost my daily funnies and now something seems to be up with Blogger, where I record these random thoughts. Oh well, let's hope it's a phase, like the teen years.

I know that the message is getting out though since many of you have weighed in on David's reason for the glasses. Most popular reply, "carving the turkey", most humorous; "that's funny. I'm sure I put socks on this morning." Thanks for playing along. David, any recollection?

This is a shot of a "loaner" dog, one that was being watched by Tom and Maureen while the owners were away. Angel took over this dog toy for the weekend and was often seen carrying it around like a large stogy. When bit, a most disturbing noise could be heard, not a squeak, more of a earthy sound, if you catch my drift. Good dog though.

Have a great day!

1 comment:

Reen said...

She ended up taking the monkey home, bless her furry little heart!!