December 2, 2008

Photo of the day, Tuesday

First some great bragging news, Spencer made the honor roll and we now have the window cling to prove it. We are pretty proud of him. Holly won the arm wrestling match and so the window cling is heading to her car. Here it is. Way to go Spencer!

On to the big news, my brother John is having a birthday Wednesday, December 3rd. Let's see, he's my older brother, actually the oldest brother. I am still pretty much a juvenile so it's all I can do to stop from trashing him. Instead here are some shots of John, not an exhaustive montage, but one that shows growth. If you have his email, spam him, I mean send him an e-greeting! Happy Birthday Big Guy!

Mom, Dad and Jack when he was way, way younger.

Dave, Jack, Pat and Mom. Jack has an eye for the camera.

Wally Cleaver, oh, I mean Jack at 8.

Jack in high school, senior?

Dave and Jack by Owens' Ice Machine Van, note the white belt.

Dave, me, Jack and John, all of us older and hopefully wiser.

Jack and Jim Bell, note that Jim, while a bit older, more hair on the roof.

Have a great day!

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