November 30, 2008

Photo of the day, Sunday

Here we sit, in the first "major" snow storm of the year. We joined the lemmings and headed to the store to stock up with a few items, but nothing major, after all, we're Michiganders! Ian and Spencer played out their superstition of; if you wear your PJ's inside out and backwards and flush an odd number of ice cubes down the toilet, you get a snow day. We'll see how far that gets them.

This morning the little kids sang in church. Pretty cool song, not one of your standard Christmas tunes, but a new one called; "He Made a Way in the Manger", this is a You Tube link to a video that has the song, I did watch the whole video, It's not like when I watched lots of little kids sing this song, but the music is very similar. I really enjoy working with kids and when we do the "Big" productions, I really get a kick out of watching the kids that I have worked with and see how they deal with life on the stage. Some make it, some hang back and a few grab the spotlight with both hands. It's always interesting watching kids on stage.

One of the bonuses of coming back from a trip is that I have extra photos. Spencer was my main photographer on this Thanksgiving and here is one of his shots. Uncle David is reading something, as evidenced by him wearing his glasses. Other than that, I have no context for this shot. Let's make one up! Post a comment on what you think Uncle David was reading, remember this is a G rated blog. I think David was reading...

Have a great day!

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Reen said...

He's looking at a picture of a certain young nephew doing a bit of "drilling".....