December 19, 2008

Photo of the day, Friday

Snow anyone!?! Schools were being canceled last night, before the storm even arrived. Spencer was nervous, would he get an extra day off or not? He's a fretter that boy. He's up at 5, in front of the TV, waiting for the news. I come down at 5:15, they like it if I determine if they have to go to school extra early. I log in, sure enough, Rockford's closed. I tell Spencer that he can go back to bed, nah, he says, I'll just go mess around, I'm already up now. That's my boy, and morning person.

We had about 40% of our people out, unable to get in to work. The best was one of the guys working in production called and said he couldn't get in, but how late would the office be open to pick up his paycheck. Always makes for a crazy day, trucks getting stuck, meetings delayed and generally just everyone trying to make the best of it. I worked through lunch and when I did finally get a few minutes I located the snack area, it's Christmas goodies everyday you know, and dined quite nicely on cocktail weenies, meatballs, tortilla chips, candy and cake and coke for good measure. Yes, I am nearly fully recovered from my bout with the stomach flu.

The boys are out to a place called Pando tonight with some of the boy scouts. They are on the tubing side, 3 hours for 12 bucks. Each boy gets a large tube and there's a tow lift that brings it back up the hill. Holly was saying that an area doctor that we know says that Pando really keeps the orthopedic surgeons busy. Nice. I'm sure all is fine, well, at least they have the cell phone if they need it.

Here's our mailbox, it was very accessible yesterday, today, we didn't get mail because the post office couldn't get near it. We have carved it out, so we should be good to go now.

Have a great day!

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