December 20, 2008

Photo of the day, Saturday

Happy Saturday! We just got back from Larry, Terri and Jake's for our annual "Smithmas" with them and Holly's dad, Bob. It was one of the best trips on record, maybe they just keep getting better every year, I don't know, but this one was great. We had a chance to see the truck that Larry is working on and it looks really cool, trouble is, I forgot the camera at home, so I have no photos. It's still not quite done, so we have time for the big unveiling anyway.

Great time, thanks Larry and Terri, you were awesome hosts. And the dinner was great too! Jake was such a gracious host for his goofy cousins, it's truly impressive.

Since I forgot my camera it's a great time to start sharing the photos that you all have begun sending in. Remember, I would like to post a photo of you and yours, along with some detail (though I have no problem making up a story). We are a really small community, why not see who else is listening in to my ramblings? With that, our first entry.

Below is a shot from Nancy and Sandy's class reunion from this summer. Nancy, top left, is married to Jim Bell, and Sandy, bottom right, was married to Russ Bell. The Bell boys are cousins on my Grandma Ames (nee Bell) side. It is so cool that we have reconnected this year. So, it was their class reunion and I think that Nancy's name tag with her high school photo says it all. To me it says, here's what I looked like back then, don't you remember me? I remember you! Anyway, can you believe that they want me to believe that this was their 45th year class reunion for St. Ansgar. For those not in the know, follow the link, it's a pretty cool little town in Iowa that produced two awesome women.

Have a great day!

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