December 28, 2008

Photo of the day, Sunday

This weekend I wimped out. Oh the weather was dicey on the drive to Crystal Lake and the next day, it was so bad that the Indiana Toll road was closed for several hours as they cleared up some really bad accidents. But today, today I balked at the drive to Rochester. It was icy in the AM, but we could have made it later in the day. Wimp! I still think that the weather on the way home would have or could have been dicey on Monday and I really needed to be home Tuesday morning.

David, Judy, Chris, Allison, Jeff and kids, I am so sorry. We need to plan a make up event when the weather is a bit better.

Here's one of Ian I took this weekend. As you can guess, he was underwhelmed with his dad running around with the camera, but he did allow the photo to be taken, after all, it just makes the whole thing happen faster.

Have a great day!

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