January 6, 2009

Photo of the day, Tuesday

Tuesday is better, but now it's snowing again.

Holly scooped me on the news about Spencer in her blog, but I'm going to brag too.
Spencer has always been interested in geography. He studies maps for fun. He can list all 50 states, and their capitals. He can give you driving directions from our house to Aunt Maureen's and if pressed, can get pretty close to Uncle David's house. He knows Geography so it was not a surprise that he entered the Geography Bee. He was the top 6th grader, in fact. But only 1 student from the middle school would be allowed to try for the State Bee. The competition was between 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

To the unitiated a Geography Bee is broken into 2 phases, the finals, where the constestants are eliminated until only 2 remain. Then the Championship round, best score out of three questions wins. Spencer won. It was awesome. I got goosebumps sitting there watching Spencer, and the other kids, answer questions that I sure couldn't have answered. The best line of the night was unrelated to geography though, it came when Spencer was asked if the moderator was his teacher. Spencer's response, "Why yes, that fine looking man is my Geography Teacher." If extra credit were available, he would have gotten the points at that time.

Here's his Championship pose.
Have a great day!

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JohnFS said...

Congrats Spencer!

Remember, hard work is NEVER life threatening, just hard. And hard work gives you strength for the next thing that comes along to challenge you.