January 9, 2009

Photo of the day, Friday

Happy Friday! Crazy run to the weekend, but we're here now.

My trip yesterday, in highlights:

  • Right after I left home a semi jackknifed and clsosed my freeway.

  • Met some cool folks in Chicago and we discussed the fact that some airplane needed to have oxygen loaded in. We wondered if the little masks had dropped down on the earlier flight, hilarious!

  • Meetings went well with my customer.

  • Trip back I saw a woman that was on the flight from Chicago, she went to Greensboro to get a cat. I thought that they could all be gotten at the shelter. I have been corrected, please don't bother now.

  • The timing worked out that I could jump ahead a flight and I got home 2 hours early.

  • Called my one brother, and through a tough/rotten connection I found out that Dave and Jack had dinner.

It's snowing again. Just a statement.

Holly left us.

Sure, I'm hard to live with, but she left us!

OK, it's a Womens' retreat and she's a leader and leading worship/singing, but she left us.

I"ll figure it out, but SPAM may be involved. Who knows.

Rockford made the Grand Rapids paper again, the stories are about Hush Puppy Shoes, the city and a commentary. Click the link to see what was said, otherwise trust me to assure you that it was all good, Rockford truly is a special place to raise a family.

Below is the photo of the day. If you know the people, shout out the names, the prize is a great as you would expect, bragging rights and you get mentioned in this wildly popular blog.

Someone has a birthday fast approaching. A current photo would be better than what I have, trust me. ;-)

Go in God's peace.

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