January 4, 2009

Photo of the day, Sunday

Today we have a Birthday Shout Out to my Nephew, Taylor. He's currently somewhere on the otherside of the world helping keep the peace in an undisclosed location in Iraq. Dave, please send along our Birthday wishes for a safe deployment. Here are a few photos that I have of Taylor.

This is from Christmas when he was a senior in high school.

He and David made a visit to Rockford and he schooled Ian on some skate board tricks. This series was taken using the burst mode on my camera. Pretty cool jump.

In Rockford the Corner Bar is a favorite family restaurant that is know for Chili Dogs. During this visit Taylor decided to attempt to get his name listed in the Hot Dog Hall of Fame. All is takes is eating 12 chili dogs in 4 hours. Taylor got to 10 - 1/2. The following shot was as fuzzy as I think Taylor felt after the attempt. By the way, the record is 43 chili dogs in 4 hours, just imagine walking around the store and purchasing the makings for 43 chili dogs, it's a lot of food. The current owner of the record is a woman, it took three tries, three weeks in a row to get this to happen. Amazing what some folks will do for that 15 minutes of fame. Anyway, here's Taylor's shot at the wall, I think this was hot dog #7, he's still smiling.

The following is submitted by John Sipley, my cousin on my Dad's side. We reconnected last summer at my Mom's funeral. While I haven't met his family, it's great that we are reconnecting in this way. Isn't the Internet wonderful?

John says:
My wife and I, Rebecca (most everyone calls her Becky except me) moved our family to Des Moines IA Feb 28 1998 for a church. Best thing we ever did. At present I am a consultant contracting through my own business for Titan Corporation at their tire plant. I provide networking and PC support. Becky works for Wells Fargo as an Implementation Specialist. For example, You have a business selling widgets and you want to sell them using credit cards in multiple locations, she would make sure you got the correct credit card machines setup the way you need delivered to where they need to be. Caleb, our oldest is presently attending ORU in Tulsa working on a degree in Hebrew and Greek. Ian Is attending LeTourneau University in Longview TX working on an engineering degree and our daughter Brianna (Bree) is a senior at Iowa Christian Academy. She hops to attend LeTourneau next fall.
That is a quick rundown on our family.
John Sipley

It's funny isn't it, the new subscribers seem to get with the program of sending a picture in and I will post it. Hmm.

Have a great day!

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