January 28, 2009

Photo of the day, Wednesday

Today Holly had her clavicle repaired. A good friend of hers is married to an anesthesiologist and he has a great reputation for putting people under and not having them get sick. As a favor he requested that he be assigned to her case and was. It was a great experience for her as he is awesome getting an IV started and had orders in the prep room that no one was to start her IV, he would personally. He did and it went in like butter, if that's even an expression. The surgeon was as awesome as last time. We were told to get there by 5:30. Upon arrival we learned that no surgery starts early on Wednesdays, due to meetings. We were pretty upset and she was hurting from being up so long. Then we heard that snow had really messed up traffic into Grand Rapids, it was backed up all the way to 14 mile road and if we had headed in on time, we'd have been very late. Favor! While Holly was in surgery I went to the cafeteria and had a fairly decent breakfast, then back up to the waiting room. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep in a rocking chair and didn't wake up until Dr. came to find me. He was really nice and just rested his hand on my shoulder to wake me up. I was allowed to sit with her in the recovery area, it's a new pilot program that they are trying to see if that helps people come around better. Back to the starting room for a final check, a few more cat naps, dressed and we were out the door. Less than 10 hours, even with the delays, and I still think that's pretty darn amazing.

She's resting comfortably and even sat up and had dinner with us tonight. It's awesome, I think we're finally on the road to recovery. Praise God!
I have a Birthday Shout Out to my nephew Bryce today. Happy Birthday Bryce! I have only a few shots of the lad. It's kind of funny, he's the eldest nephew, you'd think I'd have more, but if I do, they aren't digital. Anyway, Bryce is a great guy that is learning to make his own way in this world and I have to admit, it's a tough time to do that. Happy Birthday Bryce, I hope this is a great year for you.
I thought he was elfish in this shot
Good one with him and his sister Kelsey
This is quite a few of the younger generation. Lets see, Front row, Bryce and Thomas, second row, Spencer, third row, Matt, Ian, Kelsey, Reed, Taylor and Mike.
This was everyone that was there that Christmas. Wow! What a handsome crew! Byrce, thanks for making me look so hard.
Have a great day!


Holly said...

What a great looking crew.

Happy Birthday Bryce!

JohnFS said...

Let Holly know are prayers are with her for a full recovery.

Bryce Young said...

Thanks Pat!!!

Likewise to what John said above, good luck Holly!! :)