February 5, 2009

Photo of the day, Thursday

Great day today. I was able to slip from family guy to business guy and back again with ease. It is awesome when I can pull that off.

I was at an event today with the President's/CEO's from several businesses in the area. It was a seminar called "Blue Print to a Billion". Kind of crazy considering the current state of affairs, but reasonable if you consider that business keeps getting done. I heard some depressed ideas about the short term, and optimism about the longer term, say next fall, we'll be rolling again. An up side, that's what we needed to hear.

No photo today, but a link instead to Holly's Blog. She's way smarter than me and thus was able to document a great set of reminders of how to let others help us. It's found at her blog, just click on the link above, "Holly's Blog".

Here's a shot of a good friend. I know, I wasn't going to put up a photo today, but I came upon this one and I was touched that after not being connected formally for the past "few" years, we're still friends. Thank for the prayer support Lis, we love you, Jeff and the kids, don't worry, we're always there for you too! PS, that's Ian behind you.

Have a great day!

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