February 7, 2009

Photo of the day, Saturday

Holly Update: She looks marvelous! From the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Nuff Said!

The boys and I went to the Klondike Derby. It was at Yankee Springs. They were calling for warm weather and rain. We got the warm weather, but no rain. It was fantastic, sunny and warm. The sled that the boys pushed around all day was getting pretty hard to move in the afternoon, after all they took turns riding so you know that they were really pulling, plus the, the gravel roads appeared and made pushing the sled even harder. They had a really good showing, they took second for Scout Spirit, which is based on crazy yelling and working together. Additionally they had the best score for the citizenship/flag ceremony station. Ian and Spencer came home exhausted, it was touch and go, but they are now safely a bed.

When we got home, as exhausted as we were, we were still really hungry. Best of all, Cindy's daughter Vicki Dot, came to visit. She actually goes by Tori, but you know how I am, so 20+ years ago I dubbed her Vicki Dot and that's what I call her.

I took pictures of all of this and then, as I am getting ready to upload this, my memory card fails and I can't get anything from today. But Cindy and Holly came to the rescue and here I have my friend Vicki Dot.
Have a great day!

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