February 4, 2009

Photo of the day, Wednesday

Wow, it's Wednesday already! Sorry I've missed a few days, I get pretty busy on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Holly update: She is doing wonderful. We went to the Y tonight for a shower. Lately we'd been trying to rush to see how fast we could get this done. Not so tonight, we took our time and just went with the flow (pun intended). It was nice to come away without that rushed feeling. Her leg looks really good and the shoulder is getting better too!

Once we got home I said to Ian that we'd gone to Bennigan's for dinner instead of taking a shower. The kid looked stricken, I guess he enjoys eating out as much as we do and Bennigan's is one of our favorite places. After it was clear that we didn't go there without him he told us what he was really longing for. Spencer heard that and chimed in with his fav and then Holly did too. I feel a bit sorry for them after all, I still eat out with customers or on other business once or twice a week.

Here's Holly on Super Bowl Sunday getting ready to snack a bit. We have really been careful with our meals lately, but an occasional splurge is not only OK, it's healthy. Well, that's my view.

Have a great day!

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