February 3, 2009

Photo of the day, Tuesday

Holly Update: It was a good day again today. I had a business lunch on the other side of Grand Rapids and so I pretty much left in the morning and came in very late. She did great on her own all day. She's really getting into working to keep her knee loose and ready for the next stage and so we set up the ice station, a machine that pushes cold water through a pad, so that she could work on her mobility and then ice the knee to avoid and reduce swelling. I can tell she's done with the "Poor me" phase, if she ever was there, and is ready to take on rehab. But I should point out that's she also realistic and cautious. As with all things, balance is best. Tomorrow is shower day and so that's bound to be great, you know, look sharp, feel sharp, be sharp.

Big news of the day was that Chef Holly hit the kitchen for the first time in several weeks. We dined on meatloaf and baked potatoes and it was good. Everyone has been so good with bringing food by, but our own cooking is what were used to and awesome when we can get it. She made the meatloaf by herself, well, a great neighbor did do the grocery shopping, anyway, it was a wonderful meal.

This shot was from Super Bowl Sunday. Ian taught me the R chord. When he told me to hit an R I was confused. Then he helped postion my fingers and it turns out it's an E with pointer and pinkie extended to express the "Rock On" attitude. Not sure I completely pulled it off, the guitar strap clearly shows that I am a poser, but properly cropped, I could be the next middle aged one hit wonder. Anyone got some really easy lyrics?

Have a great day!

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