February 12, 2009

Photo of the day, Thursday

Holly Update: She is rockin' awesome! Tonight she was at worship team practice and is leading out one of the songs for this Sunday. It will be an interesting weekend that's for sure.

Work was pretty good today and it's bound to be good tomorrow as well.

While Holly was at practice, I went to 7th grade orientation tonight, preparing Spencer for the next step in his education. This is when he's allowed to select electives and he's on it. He has slotted out his hopes for next year. I was surprised that he's dropping out of Choir, but then again, not really. While he likes to sing, now he can choose his electives and set his own direction, well, up to a point, we have final approval on those.

Today's shot is when he and Ian were a bit younger.

Have a great day!

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