February 9, 2009

Photo of the day, Monday

Holly Update: We went to two doctor appointments today. The surgeons office to have the collar bone repair looked at and to our old friend Dr. Bob, our family Doc. The first visit was a bit of a downer, Holly wanted to get off the Lovonox Injections, not happening for 2 more weeks. But everything else looked great, her "incisions" are healing very nicely and she got some more clearance to move her arm/shoulder. At Dr. Bob's we got the greeting of an old friend who's been hearing bad report after bad report and he was really happy to see us. He was also very pleased with how good Holly looks and that her spirits were so high. So that was a good visit. As a bonus, we managed to get to the Y for a shower today too. She's worn out, but back to her good spirits.

I am travelling tomorrow with the senior management team for our annual strategic off site. I have done as much as I can to get Holly and the boys ready. Should be interesting to hear how it goes for them.

The link is from David, yet another report on the resurgence of SPAM. Thanks for the link.

Here's a shot from the past, it's Spencer playing the Super Hero, or so it seems.

Have a great day!

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