February 11, 2009

Photo of the day, Wednesday

Holly Update: I am pleased to report that she's still doing really well. It was shower night tonight and since I was travelling for business the past few days, it was a slow and relaxing time, well, that was the goal. It was wheelchair basketball night at the Y and so, handicap parking is like non-existent. Not a problem, it was a nice warm night and as I walked out to the car a kid passed me that had some really cool lights on the front wheels. That made me pretty grateful, after all, we aren't tricking out Holly's ride because it's short term. Speaking of Holly's ride, Ian took her for a ride out to the back deck, which is a step down, all by himself. Pretty cool. Here she is looking good catching some fresh air and rays.

The trip was a strategic planning session with my boss and all my peers. It was a 5 hour bus ride, we worked on the ride, then 4 hours in a meeting room, a bit of free time and then dinner as a team and in the morning, back at it in the conference room followed by the inevitable bus ride. The place was Langdon Hall, very cool place to stay. During the free time I went for a walk on the trails and spent an hour stomping around the property tracking deer, and trying to figure out the types of trees and why they were in such straight rows. Obviously, the woods were being managed for some end. I did like a couple of things, the fireplaces worked and the one in the lobby was going every time I walked past and they had a couple of house dogs. The cool thing was that the largest was laying on the top of the steps when we arrived and he picked up his massive head and watched as we entered the hotel.

Have a great day!

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