May 12, 2009

Big doings coming our way

It's been awhile since my last Holly update and one is past due.

Holly Update: While at my sister and brother-in-law's place, (remember the western garb? see below) we were messing around on the Nintendo Wii game system. Holly and I played several games/sets of tennis ( I won big time ), with a bloated head I agreed to switch to Wii Boxing. She stomped me, knocked out in the second round. Tom is cracking up and so he takes her on and before he knows it, he's on the ropes too. But she maybe swung too much and maybe too hard, and felt something give in her shoulder and ended up losing. The shoulder was really bothering her and she started to worry, though I tried to convince her not to worry, after all, it was just a Wii (wee) injury. (I know, a groaner, but it was right there and I had to take it.)

Back to Holly, the pain persisted and so she went to the surgeon. X-rays revealed that she had actually bent the plate holding the collarbone together and there wasn't any bone growth happening. To be really thorough they ordered up a CAT scan on her leg as well. Now we go see the surgeon tomorrow to see what the course of action needs to be. We'll keep you all posted.
Another thing, as long as we're updating, I'm heading off to China next Thursday for about 10 days. Our factory is getting close to being able to run and I am going to go teach them about quality systems and to meet their new quality engineer. Great timing isn't it.
In other news...
Spencer is headed off to 6th grade camp for a few days and he's totally jazzed about that.
Ian proved once again that he is very talented artistically, check out the tech deck skate boards that he decorated with some paint pens we had sitting around. Very nice.

Have a great day!

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