May 13, 2009

Holly Update

Holly update: We saw the doctor and we got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the leg is healing pretty well, not as fast as we'd hoped, but it's got visible bone growth. The collar bone on the other hand, well, it's going to need some attention, and yes, he means surgically. We set the date for next Monday and it's probably out patient, they like to reserve options don't you know. Back to the basics of no weight on the left arm, but this time he's going to use some bone growth material that will promote the healing process. We trust the doctor and we're confident that we're heading down the right path.

Holly said Spencer was totally cool with the two days at camp. In fact he was cooler than Ian was when he went to 6th grade camp. Of course, Ian had led a pretty sheltered life up to that point and Spencer on the other hand is a seasoned camper having been to church camp and boy scout camp and many camp outs. It should be fun to hear his stories when he gets back.

Here's the boy's at that putt putt golf place we went to with Tom and Reen. Is it just me or are they leaning?

Have a great day!

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