May 11, 2009

What is business casual anyway?

A few weeks ago I went to an annual supplier event hosted by one of our customers. I am torn because I typically don't mention company names in this blog, just share a bit of my life. In this case I won't mention the company name of the customer, and as usual, just give the first name of those in the photo. Whew, what a disclaimer, for this silly post.

Anyway, we were invited to the event and told that the dress was to be business casual. To me business casual means slacks and a button down shirt. I know it's not a polo or golf shirt and dockers. For me, I prefer a solid colored shirt and Holly is currently pushing the plaids. I recall that she did pick the outfit pictured and I was snappy looking in a pale yellow button down. My associate, Mike, was similarly attired. The others in the photo, well, they just don't understand business casual.
Those in the picture are; Dick, Mike, yours truly, Franco and Matt. The others pictured are the Chairman of the Board Emeritus, President and CEO and the Chairman of the Board.

Yes, I know, they just don't get business casual. But like I told Holly, I'll be taking it up a notch next year. By the way, we won for being a top level supplier with outstanding quality and delivery.

Have a great day!

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