July 26, 2009

Rain, Rain, go away

It's been a nice summer, not using a ton of electricity to cool the house, but we're a step from having to pull out the winter down comforter. Yesterday I cleaned up the bike, changed the oil, lubed the chain and then it sat. Too cold and rainy to ride. I've hardly ridden at all this summer. I went out this afternoon for a ride and got only 7 miles from home before I had to start dodging the rain drops. I wasn't going to get soaked today, so, I was home early. Maybe tomorrow...
The boys are still in recovery mode from their youth group week long camp. We keep waking them up during the afternoon, and then struggle to get them to go to bed at night. Teens, you have to love them. They were really affected by the trip, but getting the information out of them is like pulling teeth.

Here's lounging teen number 1

Here's lounging teen number 2

Here's Holly, working to fill the teenagers up with some popcorn

Have a great day!

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