July 29, 2009

Photo of the once in awhile

Pretty good day here today. I had a meeting with some one about 45 minutes away and was pretty well caught up on my business calls, so I called my brother for a nice chat. He got me all caught up on the news that worth knowing, Taylor's coming home for a leave, Kelsey is trying to get a teaching gig in Korea, Bryce is doing great with his job, Dave is considering the need of a passport and Judy is probably still wondering what's up with this family.

While Chatting I mentioned my blog and he said that I should consider changing the name to "Photo of the Once in awhile". Not really catchy, but I appreciate his point. Not that I intend to change my behavior, so I must need to rename the blog. I wonder if I can or if it will break everyone's link? Too Techy for me, I guess that decides it, it remains as is.
Anyway, here's what you get for harassing me. Maureen and Dave, looking good!

Also, here's a Birthday Shout Out to Jeff! Here he is with his lady, Jean. Great seeing you this summer, hope it's all well on the way back south.
Have a great day!

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