July 31, 2009

We're outta here!!!

Happy Friday! Happy Vacation! Good Bye Cold Michigan! Hello Warm Florida!

Pretty weird when you figure we're saying this and it's late July. Aren't we supposed to be well into heat? Where are the dog days of summer? I am so tired of being cold on my motorcycle.

Hey, speaking of motorcycles; check out this photo of my Honda and Victor's Honda. I thought that my 750 was in good shape, then I saw Victor's 550. Wow, it is super clean. He's a cool guy with a cool blog that can be located at Victor Sultana or http://www.victorsultana.com/ If nothing else, check out the juice video, very cool.

Anyway, we're off to Florida to visit with Bob and Sue Jean and, who knows who else. I'll take some photos so we have some evidence that we really did go and see some folks.

To those in Florida, give me a call, hit me with an email, whatever, I don't know our agenda day by day, but it is flexible and we can work in something I'm sure.

I'll try to post while down there, otherwise, have an awesome week, I know that we will!
Take Care,

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