August 22, 2009

Saturdays can be fun too!

Today we had a great day. An awesome day. Well, at least a fairly decent day in the rain anyway.

This morning we had Holly's favorite, french toast with cinnamon swirl bread. She's a peanut butter and honey kind of girl, that's cool
Back to Epcot pictures.
Ian and Domo, a Japanese phenomenon! Very cool to have located him in a teenage gamers eyes.
Here's Domo at dinner. The head band is actually Ian's napkin. It looked pretty good.
Here's a shot of Bob, Epcot was not crowded at all, but we are about to get wet. Can you tell I forced pictures of everyone? No problem, that's how we make photo albums!
Holly looks good, just like always.
Spence hangs out.
Ian's a bit more of a model. Don't you want to pinch his cheek?
Here's the belly dancer that was at dinner. She caught my attention.
These guys played the music to keep the mood right.
This is what I really liked. The dancer brought out the nearest little girls and had them dance with her. The parents were dashing around looking for a camera.
Today we worked out in the back yard a bit, attempting to gain some level of control over the back yard. Not sure we're going to gain total control, but 3 neighbors welcomed me to the wonderful world of lawn work. Looks like I've been a bit negligent. Course you could tell that by the back yard going bananas. We're trying and that's good enough. We should have lived in the country.
Have a great day!

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