August 21, 2009


Wow, what a week. Glad to be home and sitting inside, out of the rain.

A friend of the boys, Austin, published this sketch on Facebook, a social networking website. If you know it, good for you, if you don't belong, you're not alone, I have opted out as well. Not a rap on Facebook, but a life style choice. Anyway, here's his view of his friends Ian and Spencer. I can see it, can you?

Meanwhile, back to Epcot during our vacation, I took a ton of pictures, can you tell?

Hanging out near the lake in the center of the "country" exhibits. We're wearing down for the day, but still doing well.

We came across this crate in Morocco and it appears to have Ian's name on it. Well, that's what we thought and so here's that shot. What do you think? If anyone can read the language and can see what it really means, only tell me if it's a good thing. I'd rather not learn that my son's name is very similar to camel dung.

I took this as we walked up the stairs to see the America Attraction. A very cool presentation that outlined our history pretty well.

These three Japanese drummers were awesome!

On the left the young guy, good rhythm, but not really confident.
In the center, the leader. He looked like he really enjoyed his job

Not only did the lady below drum well, she made some kind of noise, like a chirp or a whoop, but always on the beat, like a good drummer.

Here's our boy with Domo-Kun. Ain't he cute!(Domo, not Ian mean)

Have a great day!

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