August 16, 2009


Today was a really hot and humid day here with that steaming rain that Florida is famous for. Well, you Floridians can have it back!

We were at a party this afternoon with some friends. The boys actually had a pretty good time, once they got over the newness of the people. Ian hung out aloof at first and then joined in the adult games, pitching washers. He did pretty good too! Spencer was able to slip back to childhood one last time and played on the "Slip and Slide", pretty hilarious. Too bad Dad didn't see this coming, what a bunch of missed photo ops!
Here 's some more shots from Epcot.
Silly Holly with that Handsome guy from up north!
Spencer, Bob and Ian, standing in some line and wondering; "how many pictures of us is this guy going to take?"

These next two would be awesome for my Step Father. He loved all things Viking and while this wouldn't probably be as respectful as others, these were just plain fun!
Have a great day!

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