October 18, 2009

Happy Sunday

Well, I finally warmed up from our camping trip and even better, I slept like a rock.
Interesting thing, I have used my new bite splint 2 nights and it seems to quiet my snoring enough that Spencer even noticed that I was quieter last night. The neighbors are all probably wondering why I didn't solve this problem earlier. I'm sure I kept them awake during the warm summer evenings when all the windows were open. I think that this will truly help.
Holly sang today, I love seeing her on the stage singing away. It's awesome!
Cindy sent one last shot from her trip to visit Robert. Here we have Robert, Cindy and cousin Lynne in front of the Freemont Troll, under a bridge in Seattle. Pretty cool.
Off to visit a customer tomorrow, will be a long day, with lots of driving. Best of all, I have someone going with me to share the driving, it's going to be great to catch up on the stuff in my briefcase.
Have a great day,

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Reen said...

OK, Bro - I've caught up on the last 5 weeks of your blog.....good thing YOU have also been slackin' or I'd have to actually extend my lunch hour to accomplish this!! Love ya!