July 29, 2010

After Friday it's Vacation Time!

The boys and I are headed to West Virginia on Saturday for white water rafting on the New River!  And I AM STOKED! 

On Sunday we'll be in 2 person Duckies on the Upper New River.  Duckies are an inflatable kayak and  look like the shot below and here's some more information at this  link.

Monday it's a normal 8 man raft, with a guide in the boat on the Lower New River.  Anything involving a helmet and a paddle is cool with me.  I just don't want to hear "Dueling Banjos", if you know what I mean.  Here's the raft for the Lower.

Finally, on Tuesday, the "Creme de la Creme", the piece "de resistance", a Tree Tops Canopy Tour.  10 Zip Lines from 100 feet long to 800 feet long.  Ranging from ground level, at the top of the ridge that is, to 85 feet above the ground.  This is the one that I am really looking forward to!

We leave on Saturday, so tomorrow will be packing and getting the car loaded. 

The following is offered as a reason to crop pictures.  Looking at the first photo, you get a bit distracted by the goofy look on my face, you can almost miss the beauty of Holly's pose.

As you can see, by cropping out the unsightly we end up with an awesome shot of an awesome lady!

Finally, this is to show what can happen if you don't crop properly!  Be careful!

Have a great day!

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