July 30, 2010

On the road again and better yet, on vacation again!

It's hard to get too concerned about anything when you're starting a week of vacation.  Especially when it's a week of white water and zip lines.  Well, a few days anyway.

I was at a going away party tonight for a great person, she will be missed, but she felt it was time to go to the next thing, without knowing what that next thing was.  I am impressed with her courage and will miss her smiling face.  I've never liked goodbyes...unless I'm the one leaving.

I looked at the calendar and realized that I missed a birthday shout out to Aunt Jean on the 27th.  For those in the know,  you'll remember that Jean is the one that introduced me to my best friend and wife.  I still remember, it was a blind date at Brann's Steakhouse on Division near 44th.  Jean and Connie Cook were there to make sure that I was a gentleman. Thanks Jean, I owe you one, it's been then best 22 years of my life, for sure! 

Then I realized that if Jean Birthday was upon us, then Jeff's was close too.  Sure enough, that's today.  Jeff is one of those guys that's able to look at the ground, the side of the house and then set the posts to hold the deck up, all straight, all right.  I am dumbfounded with how he does that.  Thanks for all the help with my little home projects, Jeff, you're the best!

While I really didn't want to blend the birthdays together, it kind of happened, sorry guys! Anyway, this one's for you two!  I hope that you both have an awesome year, and honestly, I've always thought that you guys were a cute couple.

Here's a shot of that cute couple at Spencer's 4th Birthday.

Even Spencer had to close his eyes from the glare of the cuteness.

Have a great weekend!

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