July 28, 2010

Pushing for the weekend!

Work is crazy busy!  We launched a new product line or two this year and we waited for the orders to come.  And we waited, and we waited and we waited.  Then, two separate companies decided to opt in and placed an order.  Well beyond what we had thought would happen with the first order.  Last week and most of this week has been focused on expediting material from metal benders, painters, our China facility, you name it, I've called them.  The stress is palatable, but when it gets to that point, I try to remember that it's not life or death, it's office furniture.  Which helps me sleep, but I make sure I never say that to the customer.

Quick recap of the 50th party for my sister.  Here's a shot of Maureen, the Birthday Princess.  It was an awesome day for weather.

Here's Molly, my much younger sister.  As you can see, I was enamored with the close up.  The head tilting is their own quirk.

Maybe It was the way I was holding the camera, because here is my sister in law with the same tilt.  Maybe there's something from being from Minnesota?

But wait, Tom's from Minnesota too, and this close up shows that he can hold his head straight.


The guys here, Ian, David and John, all seem to be able to hold their heads up straight.  Hmm, maybe it's gender bias?  I think I should just stop and move on.  Here you can see that the Young men are a serious group. 

This was the inaugural run of Ian's latest toy, a long board.  He got it from "The Longboard Store" It's pretty cool, but I was only allowed a short run on a pretty flat spot.  Still I nearly wiped out.  It's all good!

Have a great day!

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