July 25, 2010


It's a hot one here in west Michigan.  I was going to go for a ride, but a nap won out instead, kind of sad, yet, I really enjoyed the nap.  ;-)

Yesterday the boys got back from their summer camp in New York.  The camp is the one that I've mentioned before, called NTS, Never The Same.  2nd year and they seemed to have really enjoyed it again.  They called at 7:30 AM to say they were an hour out.  I met them at Church and brought them home.  We emptied out their bags of the smelly stuff, made them shower and get cleaned up.  After lunch Ian and I hopped into the car to drive to Illinois to honor my sister as she turned the BIG 5-0.  Can you feel it coming?  A birthday shout out...

But first a comment.  When my family gets together we play cribbage, not for money, but for bragging rights.  I earned all the bragging rights yesterday, it sure wasn't David, he was playing about as sucky as could be.  Not sure when the last time was that I drubbed him so thourughly, but it was enjoyable.  Best of all, I learned that I wasn't the only one that had beat him, his streak went for the weekend and anyone that could count to 15 seemed to be able to take him down.  This shot is for you David, I'm green, John's Blue and David is red, it finished in that order as well.  Revenge is sweet!  I understand that he went winless until Sunday morning one team took pity and let him win.  True?  Probably not, even a blind pig can find an acorn once in awhile.

One of the earliest shots that I have of Maureen, with her protectors, David, John and yours truly.

Here we add in Dad.  I'm thinking that this was her baptism shot. Look how saintly I am.

Christmas 1961, Grandma Ames, Maureen, Me, Mom and David

I think Christmas 1963 at either Dad's or at Grandpa and Grandma Young's
Picnic in the back yard of Grandpa and Grandma Ames.  Nanny, Maureen and Mom.

The only school shot that I have of her, love the ringlets!
About 2 years later, I'm 15sh, Grandpa Ames, Chris and Maureen
Nanny, Maureen, Mom and Grandma, several seriously strong women.
The Original Motley Crew!
I think this was taken at a major wedding anniversary, or was it John's graduation?
The college years, I think that's Roseanne hidden behind Maureen, Grandma and Mom
College Graduation
Next logical step?  Marriage!  Owen, Mom, Maureen and a rather shaggy Tom
Me, Chris, Maureen, David, Mom, John
One of David's kids Graduation Party's.  (Sorry Bryce, Kelsey and Taylor, I really can't tell Whose it is.)  Note the rare shot of Owen's face.  I was sneaky.
Maureen and Molly
Maureen and David
The good Aunt, taking Ian for a week of fun and adventure.
The whole set of siblings.  A rare shot indeed. 
Not so rare, we'd done it a few years earlier.  In Birth Order; John, David, Patrick, Maureen, Jeffery, Christian and Molly
For Holly, she's the sister that she never had.
Hanging in Michigan with Kelsey, Maureen and Holly
From one of the early visits that created our Thanksgiving Tradition at Starmacks.  Turkey on the grill, lots of spuds, our version of yams flambe and blessing rolls.  The boys are adamant that the tradition must continue.
The second half of the tradition, we manly men go cut the Starmack Tree.
Showing that's she can get silly just like the rest of us!
Maureen, you are an great sister!  My hope and prayer is that you have a great year!  You deserve it!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Have an awesome day!

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