August 18, 2010

Wednesday, nearly the weekend!

Work is still crazy busy and I don't see any relief for months.  Business is coming back and some customers are thinking we can help them, we may need to rethink how to serve everyone!

Holly has just been accepted at Ferris State University into the Computer Information Technology program.  The goal is to get out of college before both our boys are done.  Go Bulldogs!  I'd like to show their logo but ... am ... drawn ... to ... ISU!

And so it goes.

Hey, I know I am way early, but I have had and continue to have a pretty busy schedule.  I want to give my nephew Matt a Birthday shout out and make sure it's before the actual day.  Hey Matt, This one's for you!

Some of these shots were provided by an un-named source.  With that information, you know that I have to make up my own captions now.  Matt, it's all in fun, OK?

Some how or another, I always end up on the floor with a weird pink background, maybe I should check the crowd I hang with...

 No, really, I am all that...


 and a bag of chips!


 Was my Dad really a Sailor?  Yikes!

Nothing like fresh seafood to take a meal beyond the hum drum.


My super power is being able to see through these glasses!


High five for Big Blue, no, not IBM, the real Big Blue, my personal favorite M&M Blue!


Just so you know, they're not all from elsewhere.  I took this one a few years back.  Ian, Bryce, Mike and Matt.  I do love my nephews!

 I snagged this one from FB, it's of Karissa and Matt.  I can almost hear them; "We're living the dream, don't you want to too?"

And there we have it, Matt's an awesome guy and I think that everyone should lift a glass and toast him.  Here goes: "Hey Matt!  Happy Birthday!"  Yes Pam, I know, his birthday is Friday, but I like to be on time and if I can't be on time, I'll choose to be early.

Have a great day,

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