August 21, 2010

Saturday is a day that's meant for rest, but we worked and had fun instead

First off, a good friend, Brad, is really in the fight of his life with cancer.  If you pray, please consider lifting up Brad and his family, Jen, Paige and Hannah.  They are a great family.  I really hate cancer.

Transitions are always hard, but going from that to something lighter, well, it's going to be choppy.

Cleaned the house today from top to bottom today.  Then the "loaner dog", aka Bean, came in.  1 step forward, 2 muddy steps backward.

Holly gets to work this weekend.  While we miss her, it is what it is and it forces me to be a bit more intentional, at least for a few hours, with the boys.

What's intentional mean?  Spending time with them, out of the house, out of our comfort zones making memories (that's what I think, they think I'm sappy).

OK, next you need a bit of background.  Grand Rapids Michigan is a bit off the beaten path, but we like to have fun.  There's a guy named Rob Bliss that really likes to involve the whole community.  He's a bit of a "social media" phenomenon.  He made is splash here with a huge pillow fight in downtown Grand Rapids and followed that with a Zombie Walk near Halloween years ago.  Last year he had a hand in "Art Prize", we weren't sure what would happen, but we found out that we have some pretty cool artistic folk. 

Anyway, today's event was turning 2 blocks of Lyon street, which has a nice gradual slope from east to west, into a 2 block water slide.  Pretty cool, you can see the slide at this YouTube Video spot.  
The boys and I went down to check it out, Spencer was the only one that was totally prepared to risk it all for the sake of the Young name.  Then we realized that the line was ridiculously long, like 5 to 6 blocks. 

 This is the end of the slide


 I asked someone in here and they said it'd been about 2 hours of waiting.  They seemed calm, in fact everyone seemed to be enjoying that they were a part of a unique event.


 Here's the starting point.  You really couldn't get a good angle on the slide.
The water from the fire hydrant seemed pretty strong.

We didn't wait, rather we walked the course and then went and visited Holly.  We got to see where she sits and some of the people that she works with.  She had a great crew with her tonight.

On the way back to the car Ian got into an artistic mode and wanted some new facebook photos and so we played while walking back to the car.  (Hmm, intentional parenting?  I think so.)

Here's Ian on a ledge near GRCC and the GR site of Ferris University

Spencer is serious about this pose and don't you forget it!

Ian found this spot near the car and this is the best of the ones that we took.  He really likes the urban flavor of the shot.

Spencer was definitely my guide down town.

This is the top of the GRCC parking structure and other roofs.

Have a great day, and please lift up the Brad, Jen, Paige and Hannah.

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