September 28, 2008

Photo of the day, Sunday, 09/28/08

I have heard from a number of you, but as a reminder, I will be stopping the manual email version soon and will be posting it as a blog. The site can automatically send you an email once you sign up. There are more complicated ways to go too, but let's start out easy.

This weekend we had a boy scout campout and an inventory event. We sent the boys up with the troop and I did my job with the inventory. After inventory I came home and took a quick nap and then headed up. I printed some really crude directions and that was all I had, oh, I was taking the company station wagon since I was going to Iowa very early on Monday. The directions were sketchy, the roads were closed due to construction and the cell phone coverage was spotty at best. I got dismally lost and ended up at Big Bend Campground, not sure where that is, but it's near a dam that is locally famous. I stopped in the office and talked the office worked into help me with map quest, while she's activating her dial up, I locate a flyer that talks about the constrcution and has alternate routes, perfect. (a very unusal side story was in play while I was in the office concerning a young woman, maybe another time.) With my flyer, the original direction and a fresh sense of can do, I head out, confident that all is well. Not so far down the road I find the road that I need. Awesome! I head north, because I now have this renewed faith in my directional ablities, I know that north is where the camp is. Good thing no kids were with me because it wasn't long and the yellow sign signaled, pavement ends. Rats, oh well, base on my judgement, I was within 2 miles of the camp entrance. 1-1/2 miles later a sign announces that the road is seasonal and not maintained. Sure enough, I am pushing this station wagon through some really rough roads, to the point the car is bottoming out and then there was the spot where it was pretty much just a loose sand road, really tough to go with that station wagon. Soon enough though, the road improved and I popped out right where I thought I was going to and all was well. Well, sort of, there was a leak but with a bit of JB Weld and some new transmission fluid, all is well. Thanks to Todd, the man with a plan, I was able to repair the vehicle and enjoy the time with my boys and the rest of the scouts.

The following was taken from the Austin Daily Hearld and sent to me by my brother David. The company, Akkerman, Inc designs and builds large boring machines used all over the world. The reason it was sent to me was that about 30 years ago I did my internship at that company as a drafting student. I remember thinking then, wow, what a cool and yet pretty weird machine. Anyway, the Austin Daily Herald said:

Maynard Akkerman, president and owner of Akkerman, Inc., said Akktoberfest was worth it. "We've been so blessed over the years," said the man named Trenchless Technology's 2008 Person of the Year. "Obviously, I'm very proud and happy to be here today with 35 years behind this second-generation company," he said.
Photo by Eric Johnson (Note, Maynard is not in the photo and here is a link with the whole story; )


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