October 31, 2008

Photo of the day, Friday, 10/31/08

Happy Halloween! I have a secret to admit to. While I really don't care to "dress up" for this holiday, I love seeing the kids in their costumes. I get a bonus time with trick or treating because at work the day care that's owned by the same owner as our company comes over and does a trick or treat parade.

This year the people that run the day care were dressed as three of the Teletubbies If you don't know the Teletubbies, that link will enlighten you. I would use that link with caution.

Anyway, the kiddies looked great and then the factory folk took the stage. We had a pretty tame time, some years it's pretty racy, with really only half of the costumes kind of edgy. I know, but it's still a success. I toyed with the idea of publishing the winners photo, but I didn't ask and some of them work for me so it's best to pass on that. The winners were a mimic of a Robert Palmer video called; "Addicted to Love". They nailed it and won.

Anyways, here's me doing my best lazy Indiana Jones.
Have a great day!

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