October 30, 2008

Photo of the day, Thursday, 10/30/08

I spent a lot of time driving between our customer and the factory today. It sounds pretty unproductive, but I can get a lot done with a cell phone. I have a headset, so I can usually keep my mind on the road well enough.

It was really cold this morning, in the 20's. I did notice that the prediction was for warm weather in the afternoon and sure enough, it was warm. Since the prediction was for warm weather the motorcycles were out pretty good. It made sense this afternoon, but this morning, it was too cold. You can tell I've had my bike for a few years, I have no desire to drive year round any more.

Holly works part time at a photographer. The photographer goes to our old church and was involved in creating a photo directory. Very cool, I have trouble with names and that really helps get me on track. Anyway, when Holly got to work today, this photo was on her desk. It's a family shot that they used way back when. My hair was less white back then, but the large M formed on my forehead was still pretty prominent. The photographer was Doug Krampe of Aspen Photography. Holly helped on the website too. ( I sure hope I got the credits right on this one)

Have a great day!


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Holly said...

OMG! Mom jeans! ugh!