October 26, 2008

Photo of the day, Sunday, 10/26/08

Sunday night, we are winding down from a pretty busy day, but not so busy that I wasn't able to sneak in a nap. I love my Sunday naps.

Today at church we had Baptisms. That's always a pretty cool deal. Having been a Christian for only a few years I have limited visibility as to all the ways to baptise. Holly, the boys and I were all baptized at Bridgeway in a hot tub. Later they did a few, in nice weather, in the Rogue River also once at the North Rockford Swimming pool. At Frontline it's a metal horse trough, kinda basic, but it seems to work well, and once, on a hot Sunday, at Myers Lake, we just carved out some space and dunked em. That was pretty cool.

Today was different. 2nd service there were 7 that had signed up to get baptized. After the 7 the band went back up and were going to play a couple more songs and we'd be on our way home. But the worship leader stopped the pastor from sitting down, saying that "God had put on his heart that there were some more that needed to be baptized. I thought, "Yeah, right. It's 40 degrees and rainy, if you didn't bring your gear, no way was someone going to get dunked."

Boy, was I wrong. Church lasted another half hour as people started coming out of the crowd to publicly proclaim their faith in Jesus Christ. I was floored. There were no towels. They just emptied their pockets and climbed into the horse trough. They just kept coming, kids, teens, young people, older people. God moved them all to action. I was amazed. What a phenomenal day.

I was looking for a photo from one of our baptisms, but I couldn't locate one. As I was searching I came across these. I have always loved this series. They are old, but they are fun.

Have a great day!

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