October 29, 2008

Photo of the day, Wednesday, 10/29/08 part duex

I just realized that I Named yesterday day's note wrong, so now I am disinclined to write.

The flight to Moline and back was really awesome. It was a perfect day for flying in a small plane. Lake Michigan looked calm, but if we really studied it, we could see whitecaps.

The business portion of the trip was as dull as anticipated, but the food was memorable. I'm sorry, but we're in Iowa, the bread basket of the United States and the served canned corn. Canned Corn? It just didn't seem right some how.

Yesterday's mystery headstander...It was me. Holly said the Viking sweatshirt gave me away.

Anyway, here's another from the past. It's Holly when we first got her the big diamond ring for our engagement. Just kidding, it's a special effect shot of my Grandma Ames, aka Grace. I never did figure out what Grandpa was trying to do.

Have a great day!